new website, testing web3 creator tool, working on new record
i figured twitter is in decline and perhaps for the good. making my site a little more simple and personal is bringing me some happiness. i am currently putting an ep/album together, and it's taking some time - it's been a while since i last had the energy to go big with music, and it's challenging!

i was invited to use a creator platform named "bonfire" and it has plenty of options for the things i want to share exclusively with supporters - like file projects, galleries, or tickets. i have only set up an email subscription form - head over xedra.social to get an update for the upcoming rollout.

cyberia project released
this project is a tokenization of a clothing design and recorded DJ set as a .gif animation and a .mp3 audio respectively.

the outfit consists of two top/bottom pieces designed by Addly Muff and the DJ set has some of my old and latest music and a variaty of sounds that inspire me - both were presented at RaveGuild (MCON2) afterparty

this is one of the first pieces that follow the production flow described in my writing Distributed Artist Ownership: this token was minted directly on the co-creator's address representing both the publication and the payment as a liquid asset.